It is the place where bullfights take place in the city. Along with the Plaza de Ronda, established the rules of bullfighting on foot. Popularly it is called the “Cathedral of the Toreo” or “Coso del Baratillo”. It is one of the oldest rings of Spain and was built in wood in 1733. Its current shape dates from the end of the XIX century.

The square seems to have a circular shape but it’s oval and welcome about 13,000 spectators. Surrounding the building there are statues of the most successful bullfighters. Stands out the one dedicated to Curro Romero.

The bullfighting season begins on Easter Sunday and ends in September. The most notable figures of bullfighting and the main livestock producers make up the seasonal poster. During the Feria de Abril there are daily bullfights.

Among its three gateways, the most celebrated is the one of the Prince. Bullfighters who get the highest honours leave the ring on shoulders through this door.

There is a bullfighting museum located under the grandstands and it was inaugurated in 1989. The visitor will find the history of the National Bullfighting through a splendid pictorial collection, bullfighting posters, costumes, tiles and sculptures. Stand out those by the Valencian sculptor Mariano Benlliure.

After the spectacle, the audience flood the bars of the Adriano street. The conversation can be imagined. Take into account that we are at a ring full of history, with the most demanding and expert enthusiasts of the country.