1. Seville Tourist Guide (FREE)

A complete and practical tourist guide with the essential sites that you should know if you visit this beautiful Andalusian city.

The guide is designed in the format of eBook / eMagazine with links or interactive hyperlinks that facilitate access to official websites of each mentioned site, the automatic dialing of the displayed phones, automatic opening of email drafting and the automatic redirection of geolocation from the sites to the GPS application installed on the device (for example Google Maps).

In this Tourist Guide you will find the following content

  1. Seville Cathedral and Giralda
  2. Royal Alcázar of Seville
  3. Park of Maria Luisa and Plaza España
  4. Museum of Fine Arts
  5. Neighborhood of Santa Cruz
  6. The Real Maestranza de Caballería Bullring
  7. Metrosol Parasol Antiquarium
  8. Pilate’s House
  9. The Charity Hospital
  1. Torre del Oro
  2. Archive of Indies
  3. Ayuntamiento of Seville
  4. Palace of Dueñas
  5. Palace of the Countess of Lebrija
  1. Archeological Museum
  2. Museum of Popular Arts and Customs
  3. Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art
  4. Naval Museum
  5. Bullfighting Museum
  6. Flamenco Dance Museum
  7. Carriage Museum
  1. Basilica of Jesús del Gran Poder
  2. Basilica of the Macarena
  3. Basilica of the Patrocinio
  4. Marineros Chapel
  5. Church of the Salvador
  6. Santa Ana Church
  7. Church of San Isidoro
  8. Convent of Santa Paula
  9. Convent of Santa Clara
  10. Convent of Santa Inés
  1. Ruins of Italica
  2. Carmona
  3. Osuna
  4. Northern Mountains

Learn about the origin and stages of development of this popular art born in Andalusia more than two centuries ago.


Know the origin and historical evolution of bullfighting (the art of bull fighting) and one of the oldest bullring in Spain, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, the Bullfighting Cathedral.

2. Guide to Schedules, Prices and Geolocation of Monuments (FREE)

In this guide you will find all the monuments, churches and convents, museums and other relevant sites of Seville with their respective detailed information of schedules, ticket prices, addresses, contact numbers, emails, web pages and geolocation of each of them.

Guide to schedules, prices and geolocationof monuments in Seville

Sample of the contents of the Guide to Schedules, Prices and Geolocation of Monuments of Seville.

3. Tourist Map of Seville (FREE)

A detailed tourist and street map with the location and geolocation of each point contained in the Seville Tourist Guide. You will also find all the relevant indications to move around the city and have references such as parking locations, bus stations, taxi stands, markets, theaters, etc.

Map of the city of Seville with the most important indications and geolocation of Monuments

Detail of the Tourist Map of Seville with indications of the contents of the Tourist Guide.

4. Tourist Services Map of Sevilla (FREE)

In this map you can see the most important tourist services points of Seville, such as tourist bus tour, its stops and offices, bicycle rental shops, companies that provide services of segway tours, tours of Seville and Andalusia, etc.

Map of the city of Seville with the most important tourist services

Detail of the operation of the interactive map, with touch for Geolocation of references.